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Japan’s first exhibition specializing in tomato “Agro-Innovation 2017”

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Agro-innovation 2017 was held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 4th to 6th.
The main feature of the exhibition is "Tomato Innovation". We set up a section featuring tomatoes, and the exhibitors called for "tomato presumption". A large number of exhibitors with emphasis on tomatoes, including a tasting section where you can eat and compare about 30 kinds of tomatoes.

Tomato revolutionizes agriculture

In recent years, the popularity of tomato climbed the eel. I used to see Momotaro Otama or Petit Tomato only at the supermarket before, but now it is color and shape, too. I can hear the high degree of attention.

Tomatoes are easy to grow, easy to enter agricultural beginners say. According to a spokesperson for a retailer who is an exhibitor, "Leafy vegetables and root vegetables are harvested from one species, so that is the end, but the plants of Solanaceae are efficient because of the fruit from one species That thing. There are many vegetables of the same eggplants such as eggplants and green peppers, and it is also merit that the technology that has been cultivated is easy to divert.


The height of attention is also understood from the efforts of this exhibitor. Started full-scale shipment from the farm of Ootama Tomato only in Kuki-city, Saitama Prefecture since June 2017. This is one of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries's support for accelerating the introduction of next-generation facilities and horticulture, and all 3.3 hectares of houses are tomatoes. As long as you can see the house lined up with land that will continue to the horizon. It can produce 990 tons of tomato per year. Next-generation facility Horticulture introduction Acceleration support project will concentrate large-scale facilities from production to preparation / shipment. By implementing advanced environmental control utilizing regional resource energy and ICT, we realize low-cost anniversary and planned production. It is a project aimed at raising incomes of farmers and creating jobs in the region. Completely computer-controlled so that a constant amount can be stably supplied, it is possible to automatically control the humidity, the amount of carbon dioxide, etc. In order to work even in elderly people in the area "low dense planting" is said to harvest the tomatoes at the position of the height of adults.


Some facilities have achieved the production of 50 tons of Ootama Tomato for the third consecutive year. It is a plant factory using sunlight. It is a research facility supported by Toyohashi City etc., aiming at cultivating more advanced facilities. The technology cultivated here is generally provided, and producers are expected to stabilize management by increasing yield and quality. Facilities can be observed, and both individuals and organizations are accepting. You can apply from the tour site of the official website.

State-of-the-art circumstances of tomatoes with increasing branding

It was a sandwich tomato "Sandpal" that I got an eye out in the tasting section. When I try to eat it is crispy texture, there is little taste. According to the exhibitor who heard the story "This tomato is sandwich and it is hard to become watery even if carried around and it is easy to eat. It contains seeds & rdquo; room & rdquo; is usually 4, but this tomato There are eight, so it is difficult for the shape to collapse, jelly is hard to spill even if it gets caught, it is a simple taste not disturbing the taste of other ingredients, it is a kind made for a sandwich. " We are not planning to sell in general, and we are thinking of sales to lunch makers, restaurants, retailers. Surely the sandwich with the tomatoes has moisture and it is difficult to make delicious. If these tomatoes for processing become to be wholesaled to the manufacturer, the prepared foods will become increasingly delicious and the burden of household chores will be reduced.



In the taste corner, not only red but also white, yellow, orange and purple, it is now clear that tomatoes are provided with colorful tomatoes. If you pack these together pretty like candy or fruit, it becomes a gift item. Some fruit but high sugar content, tomatoes have become worthy to be fruit.

It is also in packaging equipment that boosts this trend. This exhibitor's small packaging machine can print any design on packaging material and can be packaged together with cushioning material. Since the bag itself is self-sustaining, it is difficult for scratches to be placed on the products put in and it is easy to display. If you enclose agricultural crops such as tomatoes, it will increase your sense of quality.

17 seminars on tomato and innovation held over 3 days. Interesting titles such as' Realize stable production of high-value added tomatoes! '~ Utilizing IT and creating a manufacturing farm structure', 'Cultivation management achieving domestically produced Ootama Tomato 50 tons / 10a', all of which are thriving was. Not only the cultivation of tomatoes, but also a lot of hints to manage agriculture would have been packed.

The future of tomato and innovation that future developments can not be overlooked

This is the first project specializing in crops such as tomato and innovation. We talked to this exhibition manager what kind of reaction this trial was.

"By deciding the theme, it seems that exhibitors have thought about the contents accordingly, and I think that the image of the exhibition as a whole has been created.In the taste corner, each company's distinctive tomato A lot of visitors gathered that we can eat and compare on the spot.While we are considering which crops will be featured from next year, we are still considering strawberries and paprika as candidates Because we are conducting questionnaires for visitors, I would like to decide while referring. "

Tomatoes of interest in the market. Besides the ease of raising and the ease of diversion of technology, the reason is also available from the richness of the kind. Until now, it was mainly used as red coloring, but in the future it will likely increase the opportunities to be used as a single tomato like a fruit. By packaging beautifully and providing quality information with "visualization of deliciousness", you can make a luxury brand that is not a cheap match.
The word "to be bought cheaply when put on the market principle" is impressive, "Basic food related to life" spoken at the seminar of tomato and innovation. Meanwhile, "It does not matter to life", computer-related lives that can live even if nothing is sold more expensive, "he says. Agriculture Even in the United States, agriculture is said to be 1.2% of GDP, as its proportion increases the Engel coefficient will rise and there is a fear that it will put pressure on people's lives. Therefore, farmers producing basic foods have economic fate that is not profitable. Therefore, it says that it is necessary to think "what to make a product".

Tomato as basic food and tomato as a luxury item. This compatibility may be one of the answers. And this agro-innovation provides information to think about "what to raise" "how to make it". From next year, you can not miss which crop to feature.

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■Period / October 4 – 6, 2017

■Venue / Tokyo Big Sight

■Number of visitors / 13,226 people (total for 3 days, including the number of visitors to other simultaneous holding exhibitions)

■Number of exhibitors / 92 companies / 213 booths