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Agri Food Products Expo in Kyushu 2017 – New style agriculture were presented. Lots of new service and tech which set the trend.

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Management by the IT advanced and was able to see agriculture of new form!

On July 5, "2017 agricultural X food products exhibition in Kyushu" was held in Malin Messe Fukuoka on 6th. I change a title from Kyushu agro- innovation and am the third exhibition becoming held at this time.

I called myself "a specialized exhibition that agriculture material and agriculture facilities, the sixth were industrial and suggested agriculture and commerce mechanic cooperation" and there were many tools of the introduction of IT that I did including agriculture material and was exhibited in the meeting place.

What I saw a lot ties a greenhouse and a cloud and is a system managing the indoor environment. A certain major maker does not remain for management and suggests the system which I can control with remote. I measure data necessary for temperature and humidity, upbringing of the crops including the CO2 density and can manage it from a PC and a handheld unit. Therefore if room temperature is high, a window automatically opens and ventilates it and drains water off, if necessary.

パソコン画面 パソコン画面

As for the agriculture, an image to be hard labor is deep-rooted, but it should be considerably reduced during upbringing that the hand of the person is necessary if it is possible to here. It was not the situation that people must be always in the field if I understood even appropriate environment.

However, on the other hand, one necessary for a farmhouse is the technology that I cultivated for many years. Furthermore, it is said that one necessary for farming family in the future is both technology and management power. As well as a farming technique, I can spend the time that was on study of the management by using these IT systems. In cooperation with a university, I analyze it about upbringing of the crops, and, in the company which exhibited an IT system, it is said that I am studying a good upbringing method of the production efficiency more now. It is really said that I was connected by the appropriate thing controlling to a little over 30% of crop up compared with the previous year.

nippo展示 展示

The Netherlands proud of sales amount next to the United States which not only the farming technique but also the importance of the infrastructure preaches exhibits

There was the exhibition from Europe known as the agriculture large country, too. I asked the agricultural administration councillor of the Netherlands embassy a story.

It "is the 1960s that our country began development as an agriculture large country". EU was established and the place that did not consist of the management was screened and, among the agriculture that was the duty of the crops having disappeared and a mom and pop operation, switched jobs. In that way I made use of the geographical advantage that was near to the European big city and began the export of the value-added expensive crops. In Kyushu and an about the same country, there are sales of 90 billion euros a year now. This is sales amount of the second place next to the United States

It is said that I lay emphasis on not only the product but also the export of farming technique itself in the Netherlands. Therefore the study of the university-industry research collaboration is pushed forward, too. In addition, I give both techniques with Japan, and it seems to have possibilities to be said that the Japanese potential for the agriculture is higher. It means that I make use of a location and want to send fresh vegetables to each place, but then does the farm of the distant place not have the chance of victory?

"We export the crops to 600km away Germany". It is not really a problem if infrastructure carrying the crops is set and I get rid of transportation loss and can keep the freshness whether it is the urban area neighboring

展示 展示

It is a farm co-op to carry the infrastructure in Japan. In the Netherlands, there are some associations equal to the farm co-op, and it is said that I compete. Therefore that a shipping charge is held down and it is cheaper and can set the price of vegetables.

A farming family eager in strategic management, an action to new business does it for information and acquaintances for an exhibition.

I asked our exhibition person in charge of Japan Management Association a tendency of this year.

"I put a place to process the sixth industry of the agriculture in response to becoming it from this year in the field of vision and put a word called the food". A farming family entered newly deals until processing, and there is much market in hope of reclamation. Therefore exhibition of the maker of the processing apparatus is outstanding


It is often held in a metropolitan area when I say an exhibition by all means.

"There is much arrival of a farming family personal than Tokyo". Towards the exhibitor, I think that an effect is high when I have you change contents by the object of the exhibition. In addition, I feel it when guests of Kyushu are really earnest. All the held seminars are full. The seminar picks up a topic of the industry attention and decides it. It is export and securing of work force this year. I take advantage of such an opportunity by all means and want you to take in information

In addition, there is the consultation section by the management consulting in the meeting place. It will be that the farming families performing farming strategically like a normal company increase. To that end, a viewpoint of the management is necessary. I receive declining birthrate and a population decline and the field that I have not put in the field of vision so far such as the export to the foreign countries is professional and can examine it in what I talk about. The action to such a new business gets information by an exhibition, too.

展示 展示

展示 展示

It is IT utilization to agriculture to have got a lot of looks by an exhibition. It is big reduction in cost if time to engage because man-hours decrease decreases even if it costs the initial introduction. There is the product which facilities and management, work can already automate, and it is said that I begin the accumulation of the information about upbringing of the crops. The youth of the urban area changes its job for agriculture, and "the nomad farming family" who I have one PC while being based in the farm, and roams about the whole country may be born.

There were many booths that the sixth treated a package being conscious of becoming it of the agriculture. The apparatus which automatically packed vegetables in a bag or the pretty box stood out. I ship it by oneself with an apparatus in large quantities and I make the packaging that I devoted myself to on the brand crops and sell in high prices. If personality leaves to a product, it is by no means inferior to the item which a maker produces. An agriculturalist, the entry applicant may be arrival required exhibitions.

Agri Food Products Expo 2018 in Kyushu

■Dates / July 5-6, 2017


■No. of visitors / 2,805(2 days amount)

■No. of exhibitors /65 companies(74 booths)