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Kyushu Home Show 2018 – “ZEH”, “Obligation of ECO House”… Realized the changing circumstances of houses

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The energy saving house which is necessary simply because it is Kyushu!

For from 5 to 6 on July in 2017, the second Kyushu home show was held in Malin Messe Fukuoka. From a single-family house to a housing complex, an apartment, a lease house, building materials and the material about the house, facilities, service are exhibitions to gather in a hall.

The government advocates a policy objective to make "a net zero energy house" (ZEH) widely available to the majority of a standard new house by 2020. ZEH is a house doing the income and expenditure of the first annual consumption amount of energy (air conditioning, hot water supply, illumination, ventilation) to plus or minus "zero" by making energy with giving the insulation-related energy saving performance of the house and photovoltaic power generation. It is an insulation material to be indispensable to it. The exhibition of the insulation material maker was frequent in this display booth.

Originally, in Kyushu, there is consciousness to put an insulation material in a house in a voice to be light for a warm climate. A major earthquake of Kumamoto was generated in April, 2016. It is the disaster at a thin place of the recognition to be an area than Kagoshima with many earthquakes till then. Some says that it was a chance to review a house some other time when I analyze the last guest questionnaire.

断熱材を持つ男性 実演

The kind varied, but after all there were many characteristic things which could cope with a reform and was displayed this time even if I said an insulation material. Above all, I blow it, and the insulation material maker of the model loads machine parts onto a van, and it is said that a direct employee goes to the construction. A chemical reaction is caused when I mix two kinds of liquids and I include air and expand. The small gap can construct the material for a liquid, too. The liquid which broke out like a brick from the point of the hose causes a chemical reaction instantly and it is sprayed on the wall and foams and bulges. It is said that this company is the first time that I demonstrated it by an exhibition of Kyushu. When ask the booth person in charge; "the subject matter is urethane characteristics". A product has begun to be enriched at a stretch in these five or six years. However, urethane has an image to be expensive. It is cheap and contributes it by managing it from production to construction throughout. So orders increase and plan the differentiation with other companies with the condition that cost falls to again steadily. It is said, it blows because an employee undertakes construction at the same time and unifies the quality of the reckoning.

However, cost largely increases when I take in such an insulation material. This will be the reason why an insulation material did not penetrate in particularly warm Kyushu. However, it is said that a function of the insulation material is not only to shut out the heat.

The insulation material that importance was highlighted

There is a maker selling an insulation material made from an old newspaper. There are dehumidification dampproofing, acoustic absorption, a mold insecticide effect-proof other than an insulation with high efficiency despite an old newspaper. The person in charge "feels that the consciousness for the insulation material changed in these past around ten years". In the consumers, there is the person appointing expressly. Of course there is a gap between a wall and insulation materials when I do groundless construction, and, as for there being an energy saving effect, dew condensation gets up by the outdoors and indoor difference of temperature. The moisture rots a skeleton. Not only it becomes the energy saving even if it costs when I put a solid insulation material, but also the life of building in itself spreads

This insulation material was used for temporary housing built by an earthquake disaster of Kumamoto. It is a building used only for several years, but, even so, it is cheaply built and is not all right. The disaster weathers immediately when any place other than a stricken area, but is not a thing to be able to completely revive in several years locally. It is preferable, but it is said that it is ten years and construction that I assume that people are to need it to be there early for five years if left from the temporary construction. It is necessary to elaborate a wall well simply because it is made with a tenement house, and there is it in the environment where in the first place a sound is easy to leak, and privacy is hard to be followed. It is said that temporary housing is just used as a council house.

It will not be shopping high at all when I think about reforms by the life of later heating, cold water Fusayo and the building even if construction expenses increased to some extent. An insulation material has various kinds, and characteristics are different. I can choose the product which complied with hope by the exhibition that a product and services of the companies pride gather in a hall more for the guest. There is the security only by the exhibition to keep the latest information.

A renovation and unoccupied house utilization, people day …, the exhibition use for intelligence

It is said that a company examining the exhibition to Kyushu home show serves as a field work and often arrives while the interest in building gathers some other time. I asked the person in charge of "the Kyushu home show" of Japan Management Association.

九州ホームショー 九州ホームショー


In "holding, I regard cooperation as the person concerned of the local newspaper publisher and building trade group positively and build up this exhibition in cooperation with hometown". The general chief mourner has many new voices that I can suggest, and, from arrived one, it is put by the intelligence by the exhibition and the adoption of quotient materials

The new housing start number of houses is said to become decrease, approximately 540,000 houses a year approximately 70% in the next 20 years. The house becomes the oversupply, and how you will utilize an unoccupied house in future is a big problem.
In the lecture hall which accompanied this exhibition, the success examples such as the latest information or the renovation of the measure of the country were announced. I got many listeners this time, and various information to listen to only here was sent. A check is necessary for the lecture other than each company booth for a merit of the intelligence.


After exhibiting it to spread the artefact of the tree of the Japanese good quality in Kyushu District in the local government which I put up a prefecture, and lays emphasis on inflection of the wood, it is said that I pulled the interest of the buyer from Taiwan and Korea. The business to the metropolitan area will have many opportunities as well as an exhibition. The exhibition coherent to the area has the merit only in the area. In the metropolitan area, even what was done all has the first announcement in the area; "is the first among an X X district"! I can attract attention by the direction that という is loud for. The scale of the display has just begun than Tokyo holding, but can be one's information that I want by just that much in pinpoint. Because there is much display being aware of regionality, it will be a place of the suitable intelligence for a guest.

Taking advantage of 2020, it is expected that the building industry becomes busier. I lay in stock of the latest information and want to always assume it the most suitable place that I can choose.

Kyushu Home Show 2018

■Dates / July 5-6, 2017


■No. of Visitors / 2,805 (2 days amount)

■No. of Exhibitors / 65 companies / 96 booths (previous 58 companies /  73 booths )