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What are the three thoughts put in the pure white booth? Learn from Fukushima prefecture booth ‘s approach to “FOODEX JAPAN 2018”

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FOODEX JAPAN (Fudex Japan Japan) 2018 "Asia's largest food and beverage special exhibition held from March 6 (Tue) to 9 (Fri) at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture) (The 43rd International Food · Beverage exhibition), more than 3000 companies in and outside the country exhibited. In terms of the number of booths, the combined size of both booths was about 4000, and it was wrapped in boom. Many of the visitors who expect about 85,000 people are food and beverage purchasing personnel, so-called food buyers.

In order to promote business talks and information gathering smoothly, I would like to pay attention to local governments' efforts to utilize the exhibition well for the local birthplace and industry promotion. Let's focus on Fukushima Prefecture as one of the municipalities that put efforts into the prefecture's efforts.

There are too many food resources and narrowing down

Fukushima Prefecture has the third largest area nationwide and has abundant resources of food with both ocean and mountain. Depending on the terrain, from the Ou Mountain Ranges running north and south, the Niigata side is "Aizu (Old Wakamatsu Prefecture)", the middle "middle street (former Fukushima prefecture, Abukuma district)" sandwiched between the Ou mountain range and the Abukuma alpine region ", and facing the Pacific Ocean" Hama-dori (former pre-war prefecture) ", each of which has different backgrounds in climate, culture, and history.

Agricultural products vary from region to region, and even one fruit has various special products such as peach, pear, mackerel, middle street strawberry, strawberries on Hamadori, figs, Aizu, and persimmons.

On Hamadori with ocean, livestock industry such as skipjack tuna, sea urchin, saury mackerel, seafood, salmon, jellyfish, clams, clams, nori, as well as beef are popular. Besides the Koriyama city where rice crops are crowded, there are also the birthplace of hot spring eggs and Iizaka Onsen in the middle street. In addition, Kitakata city in Aizu district and Shirakawa city in middle street are known throughout the country, building unique ramen culture in the region.

"While Fukushima Prefecture has the advantage of having many food resources in the Fukushima prefecture, when it becomes the whole prefecture because of it, it is an issue that one thing can not be narrowed down, saying" This is Fukushima when you say it " "It is Mr. Ichimura Ichimura of the prefectural product promotion strategy section manager of Fukushima Prefecture.

At exhibitions that have limited space, "There are things" is rather inconspicuous. Therefore, Mr. Ichimura set up two cuts to focus on exhibiting "FOODEX JAPAN 2018".

One is "sake". In the whole country there are countless large and small areas, but Fukushima prefecture also has a lot of brewing sounds, which lasted for nine times in a row for the fifth consecutive year with the national revitalization brewery gold prize winning number last year. There are actually 22 gold medal awards. So, we launched it as "Japan's best sake brewery Fukushima", and this year we will show our attitude to focus on for six consecutive years.

The second focus is fruit. As mentioned earlier, Fukushima prefecture also has many good quality fruits, in particular peaches produce high-quality peaches designated as peeling peaches to the imperial family and the Miya. Of course, other than sake and fruits will be exhibited, but these are the two things that appeal with particular emphasis.

Pure white booth to convey the thought of Fukushima Prefecture

Meanwhile, at the Fukushima ken booth, Mr. Ichimura said that he decided the theme on the direction of exhibition.

"The theme is" pure white. "Although it has various meanings, it is largely three, a symbol of" simplicity. "It does not add garlic additives etc. to foods, , I am preparing food and the second is "I want you to see the exhibited products with a pure white feeling." Now Fukushima is also subject to reputation and uncertain rumors, but for the visitors , I want to tell that food in Fukushima is safe and secure, excluding such noise.The end is "manifestation of our feelings" that we are not stained with any color "at the end

Along this "pure white" theme, the exhibition booth became a cube type that covered with pure white walls. In "FOODEX JAPAN", a lot of colorful lively booths are lined up every year, but the intention is to attract attendees' attention by looking forward to it with a pure white booth in it. Surrounding the booth with a wall is also to increase the area of white that enters the eye. The plan is to pay the product in the wall and hide it from the aisle side so it can not be seen.

Actually, Fukushima Prefecture adopted the chic design of one navy blue last year. Although it is plain, I believe that it got a lot of eye to eye. So we decided to adopt the direction to unify the booth in this year as well. If it is made to be one color anyway, I want to make it a color that stands outstanding and still a message can be delivered to buyers who visit. And "white" was chosen.

"It is where I had the hardest job to see if I could get neat white as I wanted," Mr. Ichimura laughs.

How to induce buyers, expected to devise management


Food related exhibitions, of course, are held many other than "FOODEX JAPAN". Among them, how does Fukushima prefecture think about the merit of dare to exhibit in "FOODEX JAPAN"? I asked Mr. Ichimura.

"Although I have exhibited for a long time at" FOODEX JAPAN ", the most attractive point is that visitors will gather from both inside and outside.These local fishery in Fukushima prefecture is also watching overseas.Therefore, only domestic only You can expect a new connection different from the exhibition you did. "

As Japanese food is registered as UNESCO 's intangible cultural heritage, Japanese food culture is getting hot attention from abroad. As aiming at global expansion, "FOODEX JAPAN" which many buyers visit from overseas seems to be positioned as an exhibition that can not be removed.

Nonetheless, Mr. Ichimura points out that it is a problem of "FOODEX JAPAN" that "the venue is too wide" because many exhibitors and visitors from both domestic and overseas gather.

"The corner can always be done at any venue.When the venue is narrow, visitors 'legs will extend, but if the venue is too wide, visitors' feet will not quite extend.The exhibition booth is too wide Even if it becomes a further corner of the hall at the end of the hall, we can only devise in the booth area.The organizing administrative secretariat will take the initiative to pull more visitors' feet to the ends of the hall I want it. "

The exhibition is not just a place to catch new buyers. Even buyers with trading (conflict) are opportunities for them to see new products and listen to opinions if they are not readily available. Nonetheless, many buyers have booths of interest at the exhibition halls and there is no time to look around from corner to corner. In order to have such well-known buyers properly caught, it will be indispensable to contact in advance. Indeed, it is essential to keep in mind the tastes that can attract new buyers' interests. At the Fukushima prefecture booth, we will look at the flow of visitors, and we will settle to the utmost.

Fukushima Prefecture prepared a pure white booth that seems to be an eye catch because it is too wide to be confusing where the booth is. The "FOODEX JAPAN 2018" 's efforts in Fukushima Prefecture should be packed with "extreme" to fully utilize the exhibition.

『FOODEX JAPAN 2018(The 43rd International Food and Beverage Exhibition)』

■ Period / March 6 – 9, 2018

■ Venue / Makuhari Messe 1 – 10 Hall