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Female buyer chose with severe eyes, trend food popular from now “FOODEX gourmet girls”

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" FOODEX gourmet girl " Grand Prix is an award given to a new product of food to choose from a female perspective. A grand prize is decided by four divisions of sweets, drinks, meals, and moms, from a strict perspective unique to trends, beauty, health-sensitive women.

In the year of the 6th holding in 2018, Mr. Asahi Nana who is active as an ambassador as a model / talent · actress became inaugurated.

It is the first day of FOODEX JAPAN holding, the day of grand girls' Grand Prix announcement. Asahina san wearing a one-shoulder red mini dress said, "Since she took office as an ambassador, food attention got higher and I realized it with physical condition and health."


After that, as representatives of the selection committee, three people, Mr. Yu Miyoshi who is active as a reporter and model on food, Takeshi Toshima, Mr. Yoshi Araki, entered.


Many news reports and interviewers are filling the venue. As an important Grand Prix to decide the trend of food, it showed that the attention of the industry is high.

The selection criteria for Grand Prix are as follows. The three divisions of sweets, drinks, meals,

Ease of eating
Package · Visual
Selling price / cost performance
Aptitude of volume
Aptitude for tweets
Marketability (Buyer only review)

Eight, Mama's love department,

Selling price / cost performance
Safety / nutrition value
Aptitude of volume
Container / Package
Ease and short time
Empathy / amenity for word of mouth
Marketability (Buyer only review)

Comprehensive of these, goods with high evaluation were selected. I also want to pay attention not only to the taste but also to the feminine point of view such as ease of eating and packaging, plus standards unique to the network era such as word of aptitude.

Grand Prix, gold medal, silver prize,
It was chosen by 29 buyers including female 20 to 40 generations familiar with "food", talents, food coordinators, general consumers and 53 women and retailers, restaurants and wholesalers. Domestic manufacturers 120 companies · The Grand Prix of 2018 entered by 157 products is as follows.

■ Sweets department Grand Prix
Chocolate ice cream bar supervised by Hakata Chocolate Shop (Cooperative Dairy Co., Ltd.)
博多チョコレートショップ監修 チョコレートアイスクリームバー

Ice coated with sugar-free bitter chocolate. Vanilla inside is not persistent despite the richness of entering cream cheese. Despite the combination of chocolate and vanilla, it is a Gilt Free sweet with adult taste.

The development manager said, "It's bitter with 40% cacao, it's finished with no oily feeling and transparency.The vanilla part uses French cream cheese and rock salt from Draine and gives milk crisp I was conscious of that. "

Mr. Yoshi Miyoshi said, "When I ate a bite, Vanilla and Mr. Rinzu chocolate together thought" Wow, it is delicious! ", But I made a high evaluation because I did not use sugar There are many sweets that do not use sugar, but this is the first time for me to combine rich vanilla and chocolate because there is richness and there is a response to eating.It is a wonderful ingenuity to talk about development story I was deeply moved by the fact that this product was finished, it seems that chocolate is bitter, so it also seems to fit with sake, "he said. After all, delicious things and guilt feelings are often set, but it is probably the point of evaluation that it is isolated and exists independently.

■ Drink department Grand Prix
Shinkansen Rinku 720 ml (Shirataki Brewery Co., Ltd.)

Continuing from last year, it is an award for alcoholic beverages. Usually, the image that sake for girls is thin. But drinking it is refreshing and sweet and sour like a cocktail. There is no habit, either at a girls' party, a date, or a dinner party, so it seems to fit any situations.

The person in charge of development said, "Because it puts ice, the temperature drops, the slurp becomes better, the alcohol degree also goes down, so it will be easier to drink. I am not good at Japanese sake, I combine interestingness and ease of drinking I would like to drink to the first person "I said.

Toshima Saya added, "I think that it is going to fit the ice of the Grand Prize in the Sweets category.Taste first feels sweet.I think that it is sweet and easy to drink, but it is not persistent, it is moderately sour There is also a very exquisite balance, and even those who did not drink sake, I felt it was a sake with a new discovery that "you can taste sake like this" He gave a comment.

In development, he said that he had difficulty finding a thick taste on the assumption of floating ice, and taste composition such as how to use sour taste that can be combined with cooking.

■ Mir division Grand Prix
Carbohydrate 50% OFF Low sugariness noodles (Shihoku Noodles Co., Ltd.)
糖質50%OFF 低糖質麺

At the venue, Korean style flavored noodles were dealt. Having a satisfying feeling as a rice cake is perfect for satisfying your hunger at noon. If this is 50% sugar carafe this, it seems good to relax during a diet.

The person in charge of development said, "I made it only because I thought I wanted to be delicious and beautiful for women.I was most focused on taste and I have several kinds of low sugar noodles, but because it becomes a latecomer, I want to win, I finally arrived at the prototype around 400. Although it looks sorry, if you get involved in pasta sauce, you can easily eat it as low sugar pasta. "

Mr. Yoshi Araki says, "First of all I was surprised to eat it, I feel rich sense of humor, a sense of twist and quite a bit of things.The product from which carbohydrates were cut has become quite a topic, but it is dry noodles, so much I was really surprised that I was literally sliding in. When I was living alone by a woman, I thought about the shelf life as raw noodles, but I could use it a bit at a time when dry noodles, if I fit the modern lifestyle I thought that it would be nice to arrange Korean cuisine as well, including kimchi. "I was also paying attention to the ease of use.

■ Mom's love department Grand Prix
Nice Tip (Tokyo Metropolitan Shoji Zeusuke Shop Nagome Iro)

Natsume as dried fruit would be a regular item if you are a health-conscious person. However, it is somewhat sticky, there are many seeds, and often it is troublesome to eat it. But this chips is sliced to the size of the fingertips, and it is put in the whole mouth. It is slightly sweet, crisp and moderate, too soft and not too stiff. It is likely to eat steadily without feeling guilty.

The person in charge of development said, "We squeezed the raw harvested lazzi in the sun, lyophilized, confined nutrition as it is, and finished in crisp.Women become anemic when the menstruation begins, so in China we have a rich nut of iron He seems to have a habit of eating and adjusting his physical condition, and there is a voice that eating this until menopause makes the body easier. "

Miyoshi says, "I received a lot of things so far, I have liked it very much and I personally bought it.When saying dry tome, there are a lot of products that are not good to touch, but this is very touched I like it very well, I like it very much, it is delicious with a sense of snack, delicious you can taste the rice that Yang Qin got to eat. "

Also as a buyer special award, "Kizami Aoyama" (Sobie Foods Co., Ltd.) in the meal division, "KEEP IN MY BOTTLE 7 cereal tea bags (Itoen Co., Ltd.)" in the drink division, "SUNAO Vanilla Soft Company) ", Mom's love department" OSMIC Tomato Juice (Organic Soil Corporation) "was awarded.

Every year's "FOODEX gourmet girls" grand prix, every time they are surprised by the sharp viewpoints of women. A sensitive and trend-sensitive women's point of view is a negligible existence in food and service.

Their reviews will also lead to the next product development tips. Also, as the holding continues for 10 or 20 years, just watching the winning product will make you realize the change in society. As well as checking this year's award-winning products, I am looking forward to which products will be awarded next year.

FOODEX JAPAN 2018(The 43rd International Food and Beverage Exhibition)

■ Period / March 6 – 9, 2018

■ Venue / Makuhari Messe 1 to 11 Hall

■ Number of visitors / 72,428 people (total for 4 days, 9,931 overseas)

■ Number of exhibitors / 3,466 companies