Japan Management Association

The role of the exhibition is to firmly identify what kind of innovation it has. Yoko Yamaguchi, Team Leader, Team 1, Industry Promotion Center


日本効率協会(JMA)は、九州では東京をはじめ、北海道では2017年から農業展覧会を開催する予定で、すぐに東京ミーティングを開催しています。今年の魅力は「Tomato Innovation」特別展です。私は農業革新を担当している山口陽子(Yamaguchi Yamaguchi)にどのような内容であるかを聞いた。


– 「トマト革新」とは何ですか?



– なぜ今回は "トマト"に注意を払ったのですか?

Yamaguchi There is a lot of consumption, it is versatile because it can be processed by raw or eating. It is rich in size, taste, color and so on, and even at the supermarket she is taking a lot of shelves. Since it sells it also deals with retail, there are many producers of tomatoes. There are many people who are interested in what the tomato market is like.
Although it is stated as tomato innovation, it does not mean only tomato farmers. In the case of plant cultivation, there are also many cases where the technology used in tomato can be used directly for cultivating other vegetables. Many producers see it starting with tomatoes because such points and profitability and business efficiency are easy to enter easily.
In addition, we heard that producers who produce other vegetables and fruits often visit tomato cultivation facilities. From that point also, I felt that picking up tomatoes had a high ripple effect. I hope many people come to the exhibition and divert the technology of tomato to other crops.

– What exactly is "tomato innovation"?

Yamaguchi I mainly divide it into a two-piece exhibition and seminar.
First of all it is an exhibition, but I introduce the latest technology and equipment necessary for producing tomatoes. In addition, we are planning a special project to propose various approaches to tomato, such as tasting about 30 varieties of tomatoes, sorting to increase added value, packing demonstration etc. Since then, it was popular in Kyushu, so we will set up a free consultation section in Tokyo where we can talk about agricultural problems. It is a corner where you can also talk about management other than tomatoes. The one to answer is JA like nationwide, agricultural corporation etc who are engaged in consulting. As many people who know the agricultural producers and cases are familiar with it, can not you give us good advice? We are also planning to visit those actually doing the production of tomato and get a consultation with two people. Besides that, we have a lot of seminars specialized in tomatoes.

Not only exhibitions, seminars also incorporate considerable ingenuity and strategy.


– What kind of content is the seminar?

We are planning to talk about the story that succeeded in branding Yamaguchi high-end tomato and actual examples of those who cultivate facilities. In Kyushu there was a tie-up event on the first day and there was a corner to announce the success stories of producers. Kyushu has few plains, and if it is a slope, it will not enter machines that plow the field. Therefore, that person first had to flatten the land. It is said that it became a reduction of labor overwhelmingly as machines could be put in by leveling. Thanks to the machinery, we were able to cut down on human costs, money to buy land, and there was also a story that a good circulation was created by leveling.

– It is a big key whether you have the courage to first invest in equipment. However, there may be difficult agricultural farmers that we can not spare time as well as current money, no time for exhibitions or study meetings. Do you propose to break through these challenges?

Yamaguchi For now, I am only in Hokkaido, but I am working on learning & exchange projects that support parts that I can not cover at the exhibition. We are making places where we can share our feelings like gathering about 3 times a year and proceeding towards each dream. In going forward you may need business administration, bookkeeping, or practical knowledge. At that time we would like to provide seminars and practical programs according to individual from us, JA, etc and support it.

Technically IoT can not be removed. We are proposing how to work on it.

– If you can do such support even outside Hokkaido, farmers will be happy, too. What is the thing that you want to continue to focus on in the future?

Since Yamaguchi name is "innovation", I want to focus on IoT. By technically connecting it with IoT, various things can be controlled and it will evolve further.

In addition, Netherlands is a developed country in the technology of plant cultivation. It is an image that materials and environment control are progressing in particular. Many companies are deeply connected to the Netherlands, and we are actively going to learn techniques. Technologies for managing agricultural activities with only smartphones are evolving, so I think that IoT should keep an eye out in the future.

– This time it is held in three areas, is there a difference between each one?

I make it making the most of Yamaguchi regionality. Because Kyushu has a narrow fabric area, small scale high value added production is suitable. It's a small land, a way to produce something with a high price. As a result of being close to abroad, we held "export" as a keyword. On the contrary, Hokkaido has a large land area. Because there are many large-scale managers, we will cooperate with the JA Group Hokkaido, and we will hold meetings and workshops. Since Tokyo is looking at the whole, it covers the whole thing, but this year's keyword is "tomato innovation".

– Have you finished your response in Kyushu?

Like Yamaguchi Tokyo, there were a lot of enthusiastic students. There was a seminar where standing is going out. Normally, the seminar we are holding is held on a scale of 100 to 150 people. Last year's seminar on agro-innovation was 200 people. Still 200 people will fill up, depending on the content 300 people, 400 people to come. There are so many enthusiastic people, so we decided carefully what kind of people we would like to take at the seminar.


Dividing the exhibition hall from Kyushu, Tokyo, Hokkaido made it possible to plan closer to the area. As comprehensive information gathers in Tokyo, there are more advanced technologies and rich success stories available.
By utilizing IoT, incorporating a managerial perspective should be able to dramatically improve efficiency. From the image of agriculture "hot" "hard", "turning to" "rewarding" "profitable" "fun" conversion to agriculture has come to my eyes. There are seeds in the exhibition to change from the negative spiral to ride upwards.