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The role of an exhibition. Azusa Yasue, Director, Industry Promotion Center, Japan Efficiency Association


JMAは2017年から北海道東京で農業展を開催し、毎年さまざまな展示会、セミナー、シンポジウムを開催しており、日本では農業が促進されています。具体的には、展示会ではJMA産業振興センターに  どのようなプロジェクトやコーナーが作られるのか、そして、どのように&ldquoを作成するのか、会場” 大統領の吉田正次長に続き、



– 産業振興センターはどのような組織ですか?

Yasue Industry Promotion Center, as its name implies, is the department that carries out "Industry Promotion" to the last. In order to develop the industry, it is essential to encourage promotion of new product development, information on new technologies and services, industry information etc. Mission is to disseminate them widely to everyone. Under the idea that "Contributing to the revitalization of the industry through exchanges and dissemination of people, goods and information," we are active, exhibitions, symposiums and seminars are the idea of that method.

– What is the position of the exhibition business?

 With the spread of the Internet, it has become a world where you can search anything and buy it. However, since the interactive nature of the net is still low, it is difficult for the person to think and think about things alone and the field of vision is hard to spread. When you go to an exhibition where you can see various things at once, unexpected discovery and information comes in. Furthermore, I can also realize which booth is calling people. By looking at it, you can know what the industry is interested in, the task is felt, and the momentum of the company. In addition, I think that face to face is the best for judging real information. The exhibition is able to experience and judge the information, the people, the technology and the service, actually seeing with their own eyes. Even the things I was thinking about "Is this related to myself?", There seems to be something new discovery and business tips can be found there when actually encountering that information. This is the real pleasure of the exhibition.

– The exhibition business began in Japan about fifty years ago. At that time it was an era without the Internet, but is there any change in society, the difference in the way of exhibition depending on the times?

I think that the festival elements which boast of the scale were strong in the exhibition of Yasue ancient times. "Hundreds of thousands of people visited" figures such as numbers and beautiful companions adding flowers attracted attention. I think that the purpose of getting to know the industry, to know companies and products was strong.

Recently it has changed to recognition of "business place". I have asked Seveia for cost effectiveness due to exhibiting at the exhibition, such as how many cards were exchanged, how they were connected to business negotiations, etc. I think that the business color is overwhelmingly strong rather than the festival any longer. Of course, if you enlarge the exhibition size and attract more customers, business opportunities increase, but in addition to that, it is made up with awareness of the idea of "how to make it an event that ties in business".

– How can we make use of the exhibition for agriculture?


In the Yasue Kyushu area, we are focusing on exporting agricultural products and we are challenging cooperation across prefecture areas. We are also engaged in agriculture initiatives aimed at high-value-added agriculture. I think that it is necessary to have farmers in all over the country know about such way of Kyushu's agriculture and way of thinking.

 Hokkaido is the largest arable land area in Japan. The harvest volume is also large, and the brand "Hokkaido" boasts high popularity. However, from the viewpoint of the sixth order industrialization which can be seen consistently from processing and sales, there is a problem that the ability to add value as a food item and to commercialize is another step. Since agricultural products are affected by weather and so on, in order to achieve stable profit, we must proceed with the sixth industrialization that processes, commercializes, adds value and sells.

At the exhibition, we will share the agriculture, agricultural management, agricultural industry to be followed in each region, and we will provide products, information and services that give hints to your tasks. I would like to make use of the exhibition steadily.

– Even if it is well established in the primary industry, does it need a sixth industry?

Yasushi agriculture tends to be influenced by the uncertainty that depends on the weather. Bastards are obviously of course troubled, but even with good harvest, the unit price will go down. If we can "process" ourselves, shipping adjustments can be made with processed goods irrespective of bad quality, good harvest, and stable management becomes possible. For example, when malfunctioning, ship it as a product, when harvesting it, turn it to processed goods, commercialize it with added value added price, and sell it. In this way you will be able to make adjustments that are not dependent on the yield. Agriculture is "management". I believe it is important for stable agricultural management that the sixth order industrialization to consistently manage products, commercialize and sell products is important. At the JMA exhibition, we are proposing from the production to the distribution on the concept.

– What else can be done at the agribusiness exhibition?

The number of people engaged in Yasue agriculture itself is decreasing, and aging is also serious. At the exhibition, we are also recruiting people who would like to engage in agriculture, and we also have seminars to introduce model cases. We also enrich information for various visitors, including planning exhibitions and consultation corners with the view of new farmers. I hope the threshold for agriculture will be lowered even a bit.

 Existing agricultural managers are also subjects short of successors and shortage of human resources. It will be necessary to actively introduce new technologies such as IoT as part of its solution. Since new information can not be obtained unless you are conscious, the exhibition where all the information gathers together should be a good opportunity to fundamentally change agricultural management.

Planning to make it possible for visitors to replace the latest information

– An exhibition in Tokyo is scheduled for October, but is there anything else?

Yasue This time is "Tomato Innovation". There are many other exhibitions on agriculture besides JMA. "Agro-innovation" held in Tokyo is an exhibition with a long history, but as an exhibition where cutting-edge information gathers, I feel the need to continue to appeal to the new theme to you. This year I took up the tomato which is attracting attention as agricultural product in a big way. It is said that there are 8000 varieties of tomatoes. It has high versatility as a processed product such as ketchup and tomato sauce, and has high demand for raw food. We also heard that there is technology that can be used for other agricultural products as well as tomato production. It seems that tomatoes for processing are not good taste as raw eating, sour taste is strong, and it is hard. In this way, not only "making", but also finally what kind of product will be made in anticipation, is the first step towards the sixth industrialization. Tomato seems to be the best for that case. Since the person in charge is planning that there are also various kinds of tasting etc., I would like you to come visit us. I am looking forward to various tomatoes.


A new attempt, "Tomato Innovation", is a seasonal event that took up attention crops even from agriculture and farm management perspective. However, he said that this idea was already in the head of a person in charge several years ago.

"We often talk with leaders in various industries and there are opportunities to listen to stories and we also see various products so that the information they think is" new "is too early in the exhibition There is, "said Mr. Yasue. Now it may be four to five years ahead that what is at the head of JMA members will materialize.

When the tasks, information, projects in their minds became evident in the industry, they are filled with exhibitions at full.