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Challenge of the JMA to further develop japanese agriculture. Chairman of JMA Tadashi Yoshida

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General corporate judicial person Japan Management Association (following, JMA) will start an exhibition pro-agriculture in 2017 in Tokyo, Hokkaido with Kyushu as a start. JMA holds various exhibitions and seminars, a symposium in every year, but seems to lay emphasis on agriculture among other things. I asked Tadashi Yoshida of the chief director activity for the agriculture support and the vision.

On earth what is made as agriculture support? It is a key to relate agriculture to a company.

——At first it is carried out activity that you are like support for the agriculture in JMA, but tell what kind of vision there is.

Yoshida: The exhibition of JMA opened a curtain in 1960. I began activity to shift the business model of the trade fair that was BtoC to BtoB to tie a company and a company to till then. ; because descend, even agriculture intends end how to put that is close to company and company or it. Therefore helping with the business of the agricultural corporation which is going to do farming families or agriculture of us think that work.

In the first place the agriculture becomes the collection type because country in itself of Japan is narrow. Probably the land which each farmhouse has is said to be a one-1000th of American a one-100th, Australia at around 2 hectares. We general consumers buy "the thing which is cheap by security", but a farmhouse is cheaper in the situation doing manual labor than foreign countries and cannot provide the crops by small farmland. It is to raise productivity by reducing increasing crops and their hard work to let I support there and cut down. I think that it will be an exhibition and the activity of others us to help it.

——Please tell me the reason after starting the exhibition of the BtoB type.

Yoshida: A Japanese industrial association integrated it with Japanese efficiency alliance society in 1942, and JMA was founded by an efficiency increase by a mission. The beginning began with a diagnosis and the instruction of production, the production spot, and I enlarged it, and an exhibition was born to education and the publication more. In fact, the exhibition has been already accepted as business model at that time in the United States and Europe. Industry is activated by relating a company to a company and leads to industrial promotion. When this was that JMA should be open, I laid emphasis. のさなかで, the life of the nation became rich, and consumption activated 1960 through 1970, Japan for the rapid economic growth period. An exhibition pro-service went out of that time. Therefore I held Kokusai Hotel restaurant show for the first time in 1973, but not only the exhibition of the manufacturing but also the exhibitions pro-service increased from this neighborhood. If it was agriculture-related and said, it was "facilities gardening technology exhibition" to introduce a technique of the greenhouse culture to first (the first 1986 holding). I changed a name into "agroinnovation" from 2008, and production engineering in the agriculture processed it and opened the range that we could cover until the circulation in an agriculture domain little by little. And I lay emphasis on agroinnovation whether innovation is necessary for the agriculture that manual labor was the center.

――What kind of thing is thought to be necessary in future?

Yoshida: I think that there is much suggestion of the agricultural production method of the future model including smart Aguri using the IT recently. I say it and a plant factory, and there is much exhibition that it is said to make farm products industrially and is a place I make it the sixth industry afterward, and how raise food safety, relief, international competitiveness of the Japanese agriculture. As well as a thing, I feel that companies suggesting solution increase.

As for not only the exhibition but also the measure that stepped more…….


――Does JMA include the action for Aguri other than an exhibition?

Yoshida: JGAP (a standard of the farm management that a producer group utilizes such as a farm or the farm co-op.) It is upbringing of the certification and the woman agriculturist of one of the agricultural production process control technique) that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recommends introduction. The reason that focused on a woman manager is not a thing to perform the agriculture by now and a mom and pop operation. When I engage in agriculture in families, I cannot go to the trip in families without somebody of the family works from morning to evening that is holidays being produced either. Therefore I come to make cooperation and an organized agricultural corporation. I think that an agriculturist is born steadily from now on.

A hardware surface is enriched, and agriculture is not hard labor earnestly, and a woman may turn with the mask to be smooth. I have the women who have already done agriculture at a pace twice a month for approximately three years gather and open the marketing study session to have you feed the glance as the manager. Not only I wholesale farm products, but also direct interlace the on-site trainings how reach it at hand of the visitor and have already contacted with dozens of and woman agriculturists, but succeeded in comes to the farm co-op (the following, farm co-op) in great numbers there without remaining in a lecture to polish a management sense.


――Will it be that it is in the times when I give production efficiency for business positively and must improve it now? However, whether it does not become the friction with the farm co-op to sell in individuals

Yoshida: I think that a farm co-op is an important organization. However, a crab is oneself not a farm co-op, and I wholesale it in a direct restaurant, or it is a fact that a supermarket and people thinking that you should trade it directly increase. All the farm co-ops cope, and I am reliable, but the person who wants to do the independent market reclamation that is not a farm co-op becomes independent. Is it general freelance or an office worker or a difference? Because farm output village area is a community formed based on a village, it is to the member of an association of the farm co-op, and the agriculture consisted, but it gradually changes recently, and people that it is said to do it in oneself increase to the member of an association of the farm co-op basically without it being.

――, "the agriculture is attractive"; if is imaged, the situation seems to change.

Yoshida: If a young person and woman come to do agriculture, the agriculture certainly changes. Though an agriculture trainee visits Japan from the foreign country and has you work in a fixed period of time, the present Japanese agriculture is said to be it if there is not such a structure even if I do not consist. There are few women to want to marry a farming family, and the issue of heir of the farmhouse is serious. Though a child is born and should root there, you must do it for agriculture to make a profit on hard labor not low wage by a very difficult problem. I think that we must do the support so that farming families makes a profit because their profit gives priority to the normal company. Technology and the innovation will be necessary for the aspect how they change into the agriculture that reduced labor and time.

――Please tell me about the certification of JGAP (Japan Good Agricultural Practice).

Yoshida: JGAP has a third party authenticate it so that safe food is sent to each family. OLYMPIC had Japan, but began examination of JGAP by the small meeting because the ingredients which acquired HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GAP would come to be given priority to over even security, relief by the Olympics. Besides, I lay emphasis on the food hygiene-related examination such as FSSC there because it is a certification organization of the ISO. As for the meal, a Japanese citizen is healthy and wants to make efforts in it as a small meeting more and more because it is a base to live.

――Will there be an exhibition and the vision to say to put three together how with woman manager and the JGAP examination?

Yoshida: Each takes responsibility and it is the good place of the small meeting to be active and stretches out their business now in each field. Therefore letting this cooperate well from this think that come to work. Because I think that the place to cooperate, and to toss cooperates, I want to put it together well in future.

Because the exhibition is marketed, exhibitor can discover the thing that may be different in the place never different though there might be a fixed concept, such "a person is the only one as for one's visitor". Anyway, you may understand that infinity is possible if can an exhibition came. I am provided if you intend to obtain information and can buy it if I think to buy a thing. Therefore it is important that at first I go to visit the display meeting place and hold it

――Is there the point, "here is interesting" "to want you to look at here" by an exhibition?


Yoshida: Is it the field of smart Aguri now? Nobody may imagine it what kind of style the agriculture becomes from now on. Even if it is the same as IoT and AI and can image it somehow how society changes from now on, I do not know it whether it is so really. Because I do not know it is the same as it, and how the agriculture changes, we are excited what comes out what kind of announcement, suggestion there is.

And I hold it this year in Kyushu and Hokkaido only without Tokyo. I think whether I may come in local development. The merit of the exhibition only exhibits for an exhibition and is the point where I come to come to from of a possible customer having interest. Even if this does not go individually, I have I really pick up a thing and watch it. A company of Tokyo cannot go to the company of Hokkaido and Shikoku on the day, but the exhibition is the extremely effective business model that can omit physical time and distance. Therefore I look forward to it how long a business chance is born.

An exhibition of JMA which it joins upbringing of the woman manager, a standard to strengthen a safety level more and a company and a farming family together, and creates places of new business.

I felt the importance of each making up each other, and taking development of the agriculture business pressingly.

I dig into agriculture business more on the next time and hear a story to JMA Sangyo Shinko Center center head Azusa Yasue whether I make what kind of plan and corner with the exhibition to be concrete, and you create "places".